Chapter Locations

  • Atlanta


    Year Started: 1977 Ma�tre: Doug Bryant 

    Founding Maitre: Milton F. Bryant Jr.

  • Boston


    Year Started: 1980 Ma�tre: Eric Vogt 

    Founding Maitre: Charles W. Dunn

  • Chicago


    Year Started: 1973 Ma�tre: John Holmes  Regent: John M. Holmes 

    Founding Maitre: Cameron Brown

  • Cleveland


    Year Started: 1987 Ma�tre: Michel Venot DDS 

    Founding Maitre: Allen C. Holmes

  • Dallas - Fort Worth

    Dallas - Fort Worth

    Year Started: 1979 Ma�tre: Richard E. Gutman 

    Founding Maitre: Marvin C. Overton III

  • Denver


    Year Started: 1996 Ma�tre: Clifton D. Louis 

    Founded by Clifton D. Louis

  • Detroit


    Year Started: 1976 Ma�tre: Peter Haydon 

    Founding Maitre: Alan H. Foster

  • Greater Miami

    Greater Miami

    Year Started: 2016 Ma�tre: Drew Bailey 

    Founding Maitre:

  • Houston


    Year Started: 1967 Ma�tre: A.L. Ballard 

    Founding Maitre: Jean de Menil

  • Jackson Hole

    Jackson Hole

    Year Started: 2016 Ma�tre:  

    Founding Maitre: Jacqueline Erdman

  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    Year Started: 2002 Ma�tre: Lester Krawitt  Regent: Herbert Cordero 

    Founding Maitre: Gil Lempert Schwartz

  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Year Started: 1963 Ma�tre: Kirk Calhoun 

    Founding Maitres: Hernando Courtright and John Garland

  • Memphis


    Year Started: 1989 Ma�tre: Kenneth Neill 

    Founding Maitre: A. Arthur Halle Jr.

  • Miami


    Year Started: 1982 Ma�tre: Peter Benjamin 

    Founding Maitre: Louis C. Skinner Jr.

  • Minneapolis - St. Paul

    Minneapolis - St. Paul

    Year Started: 1991 Ma�tre: Mary K. Stern 

    Founding Maitre: John W. Pagnucco

  • Naples


    Year Started: 1998 Ma�tre: James A. Carthaus 

    Founding Maitre: Donovin Baumgartner Jr.

  • Nashville


    Year Started: 1989 Ma�tre: David Morgan 

    Founding Maitres: A. Arthur Halle Jr. and George Fehrmann

  • New Orleans

    New Orleans

    Year Started: 1963 Ma�tre: Harby Kreeger  Regent: Hugh Collins 

    Founding Maitre: Albert Aschaffenburg Sr.

  • New York

    New York

    Year Started: 1957 Ma�tre: Donald Zilkha 

    Founding Maitre: H. Gregory Thomas

  • Palm Beach

    Palm Beach

    Year Started: 2011 Ma�tre: John D. Koch 

    Founding Maitre: John Koch

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    Year Started: 2000 Ma�tre: Larry Pitts 

    Founding Maitre: Larry Pitts

  • Philadelphia


    Year Started: 1961 Ma�tre: Michael A. Bloom 

    Founding Maitre: Arnold A. Bayard

  • Phoenix


    Year Started: 1998 Ma�tre: Normund Vitols 

    The Phoenix chapter has been in existence since 1998 and currently has 32 active members with a wine cellar approaching 500 bottles of mostly premier vintages. Founding Maitre: Anthony F. Cosentino, Jr

  • Providence


    Year Started: 2001 Ma�tre: Almon C. Hall 

    Founding Maitre: Nicholas Brown

  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    Year Started: 1982 Ma�tre: Carlos Remedios 

    Founding Maitre: Rene Aponte

  • San Diego

    San Diego

    Year Started: 2004 Ma�tre: Otto Sorensen 

    Founding Maitre: Tawfiq N. Khoury

  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    Year Started: 1975 Ma�tre: Charles H. Horn 

    Founding Maitre: Henry Hubshman

  • Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Year Started: 1989 Ma�tre: Henry Chaney 

    Founding Maitre: Cameron Brown

  • Sarasota


    Year Started: 2004 Ma�tre: Mark Esbeck 

    Founding Maitre: Godofredo M. Herzog

  • Seattle


    Year Started: 2010 Ma�tre: Fred Goldberg 

    Founding Maitre: Hans Giner

  • St. Louis

    St. Louis

    Year Started: 1973 Ma�tre: Bernard Pessin 

    Founding Maitre: Howard K. Nason

  • Triangle NC Chapter

    Triangle NC Chapter

    Year Started: 1996 Ma�tre: Keith Keener 

    Founding Maitre: Murray F. Gould

  • Washington D.C.

    Washington D.C.

    Year Started: 1981 Ma�tre: Bette A. Alberts 

    Founding Maitre: David Taylor